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Closing the Gap: Addressing Disparities and Promoting Healing in Minority Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most critical topics of modern times, but for many minorities accessing support can still feel like a distant dream. I am here to help you address that.

Mental health. It is one of the most commonly spoken about subjects today. Many challenges exist within being able to help people overcome mental health hurdles in their life. As a psychotherapist, I work with people from all backgrounds, lifestyles, and personalities. My role is to help provide resources, assistance, and compassion – to let them know they are seen, heard, and listened to. Not every mental health problem has an immediate or obvious solution. My role is to walk with you and aid in finding a solution.

However, while it is brilliant that we are creating a world where more people can access mental health support, closing the gap between how mental health support is provided to the majority and how it is provided to minorities is a massive challenge. Every day, I meet people from different groups and backgrounds who feel there are no realistic avenues for support. 

In providing minority mental health care and support, I promote healing and find solutions to suit the individual. As a member of a minority group myself, I understand your struggle. I appreciate that it often feels like a lack of options and solutions. The struggles that minorities have to overcome to receive the same care as others can feel unfair.

I know this because I see it daily in my work and personal life. People from minority backgrounds fight to receive the same support and care. It is my job to try and close this gap, to be there for the people I help and represent, and to make support available for the next generation.

Minority Mental Health: You Are Seen & Heard 

Resilience is often used today to describe different people and groups. However, the disparities in the needed support level can feel like a chasm for those struggling to receive mental health support. I know how you think – I understand that the resilience shown by minorities can feel far exceeds the required strength elsewhere to receive help and someone to listen.


I am here for you. I hear you. I see you. And I understand where you are coming from. I fully appreciate the challenges you face, and I want to tell you that with my support – and support from people like me – you can overcome the issues you face.



Support might be more openly available than it is, but I want to change that. People like me – and you – want to change that. This is only the start of a challenging, trying journey. So many different avenues and paths can be explored to open up the floor and provide access to more mental health support. More care. More opportunities. And more assistance.

The path today might seem like it could be more complex. It seems impossible to envision a future where today’s problems become the problems of the past. But together, we can get there. I am here for you and here to assist you in every step of your journey.

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