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Sharing the philosophy that with self-affirmation and self-belief, people of all backgrounds can overcome whatever they’re battling.

Take Risk, Seize Opportunities, & Stay Positive

“Pain and trauma should never be used to validate your existence or your gender/sexual expression. Your joy, happiness, and wholeness is all that is needed.”

I am…enough

Researchers found that 53% of those who seriously considered suicide in the past year were transgender and nonbinary youth, and that 33% were cisgender young people.* The percentage of youth that attempted suicide was 14 percent with 1 in 5 being having a transgender or genderfluid identity. Our community needs more visibility especially within the mental health field. It takes courage, resiliency, and grace to live in a truth that society deems unethical, immoral, and distasteful. I am here to change that narrative by bringing awareness, visibility, and inclusion in queer community. We have the self given authority, privilege, and need to love, honor, and accept ourselves first and foremost.


Parenting Tips For Raising Transgender Tweens and Teens.

Gender, sex, and sexuality are three different things. Gender is self-given. Can’t nobody tell you what gender you feel that you are. A person’s gender can be male, female, both, or neither. You and only you can define your gender. Sex is a biological term that identifies if you have a penis, vagina, or both. Society uses a person’s “sex” to define their “gender.” Sexuality is determined based on one’s gender mixed with who and how they are attracted to another. But this book talks explicitly about transgender people. The sex your child is given at birth does not align with the gender they identify with.


I am.. Human+ Parent’s Edition

An eBook with tips for parent’s to transgender teens and tweens. 

Embracing Your Unique INdetity

I am…strong

The journey to self discovery is not a easy road and being a parent to an adolescent on that journey isn’t easy either. Which is why I created the I am…. HUMAN+ Enrichment Course and Parent Support Group. I am.. HUMAN+ provides LGBTQ+ individuals and parents with the knowledge, support, and strength to confidently face the many obstacles that this Queer lifestyle will bring. As you learn to embrace your unique identity or embrace your child’s identity I am….HUMAN will guide you on to how to deal with the mental, emotional, and physical struggles that many of us face daily. 

Are you LGBTQ+? No. Do you know a parent to a child who is? Feeling unsupported, misunderstood, and judged?

Join a safe space where you can learn important skills and steps in how to accept, love, and emotionally support yourself when you “feel” less confident.

Virtual & In-person

I am…HUMAN+ Enrichment & Support Group

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what They’re Saying


You are such a positive and encouraging ray of light. I look forward to coming to group, specifically for the positivity and encouragement. As a parent, sometimes I just want to know that I am doing what’s right you my kid and your group gives me guidance and a community that I can count on.

I am..Human Parent, 3/14/2022

I joined with the intention of seeing what I was getting myself into with my kid saying they’re transgender. I however recieved so much more then I could bargin for. Knowing I am not alone has helped me so much. Thank you for providing a space for parents like us.

I am..HUMAN Support Group, 6/29/2022

I learn something totally new and encourgaing every time I attend group. It’s pretty cool to talk to other kids that are just like me.

I am.. HUMAN+ Enrichment Program, 1/26/2022

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